Vietnam opposes Taiwan\u2019s live-fire drills near Ba Binh island

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,Vietnam's opposition to Taiwan's live-fire drills in the waters around Ba Binh island belonging to Vietnam's Truong Sa archipelago is clear, consistent and affirmed over past years, reported Vietnam News Agency. – EPA pic, July 2, 2022.

VIETNAM resolutely opposed and demanded Taiwan to cancel live-fire drills in the waters around Ba Binh island belonging to Vietnam’s Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago and not to repeat similar violations in the future, Spokeswoman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Le Thi Thu Hang said today.

Referring to the live-fire drills conducted by Taiwan on June 28 and 29, Hang said the exercises seriously violated Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty over the Truong Sa archipelago, threatened peace, stability, safety and security of navigation; induced tensions and complicated the situation in the East Sea.


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